Where Are We?

Entrance between 97 & 101 Gander Green Lane, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2ES, UK

Come and visit us on any Saturday afternoon from 2pm (all year round) ready to play, or just to have a look and enjoy a cup of tea!

Finding Us

The tennis courts cannot be seen from the road. Find our entrance in the form of a lane between 97 and 101 Gander Green Lane, Sutton (101 is shown here as an upholstery shop, but has since been converted to a house). Entrance is 150 meters south of West Sutton BR and on the opposite side of the road. Drive 80 meters down the lane to find our car park and courts.

Club entrance as approached from the South (Cheam Road).

The picture above shows the entrance to the club on the left, between the house (no. 97) and the old upholstery shop (no. 101).

Lane leading to the tennis club and car park.

This is the lane leading to the club and the car park. You can just make out the white sloped roof of the clubhouse. The car park is on the left, opposite the parked white van.

Entrance as approached from the north (A217, St Dunstan's Hill direction).

This is the entrance as approached from the north. It is easier to spot from this direction. You will have just passed West Sutton station on your left but please note the upholstery shop (no. 101) is now just a house.